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Yesterday was a blast!
It was my sixth time watching them live and it always feel amazing
I came early in the morning just for the parka but when I arrived there it was the same as the first day, the parka still sold out. Why they didn't supply it again??
After strolling around Hakata and Canal City, I decided to go back to dome and waiting there.

I went inside dome early, around 16.15, the show started at 17.00
My seat was the best seat I've ever had, an arena seat, F1 block. The stage was round so I was in the front block. My left side was really close to the road from main stage to small stage. My right is aisle so I can jump and dance freely. So happy.
I had an arena seat also last year but the view wasn't that good.

The show start, the same song list with the first day, they sang NOROSHI as the first song. The four of them walk up the stage near me and I finally saw them the nearest. I screamed. I can see tacchon's face.
Then its time for Brulee. My favorite song they sang it while dance and I was so damn near like I don't have to see the screen, I saw tacchon most of the time. Rage and Ukiyo Odoribito, they used that moving thing so people in stand can see them. When they back to the main stage, I waved at Subaru, he saw me and waved back, thanks to my red hat and red light penlight. Around me at that time mostly tacchon and maru's fans. No one using red except me. I get excited and aiming for another subaru's wave.

Next song was panorama, they sang it at main stage with the kids dancer. The dancers so cute. They also dance in T.W.L..

The entertainment began, with eight ranger show. It was my first time, no, second day, I saw eight ranger live. Finally. They did some attraction, but my favorite was Maru's magic performance. I don't know he can do something like that. I feel proud as a fan.

TAKATSUKING was up next with Osama Kurinikku. Yay for KING!
Next was The Light, Maru and Yasu. I didn't really listen to this song before but after saw them live I began to like this song, same goes to Hadaka. Up next were Tsumi to Natsu, Gamushara, It's My Soul, and Nagurigaki Beat, then here comes the MC.
I only understand a little about what they're saying.

The acoustic session in this day is Rolling Coaster and Ittajanaisuka. The first day was Ai to U and Ittajanaisuka. Did the sing different song each day for the acoustic session? I don't know.
After that, another MC where they talked about each person's movie or butai they have for this year. Ryo's feet hit his bottle and the water spilled. He wiped it himself. The screen focus to yasu, tacchon, and maru. After that they go down stage.

The next song was Hadaka. Yoko and Subaru came up from below in the main stage. Yoko face my direction and I can see his abs. omg. Shirtless yoko and subaru I finally saw it. Subaru really is skinny and Yoko is white.
The next song was my favorite moment in this concert. Torn's Steal Your Love. They both start in different mini stage, Tacchon was in the one that near my seat. He sang, and dance, and walk closer, stop and dance again less than 10 meters in front of me. I watched him clearly, I hold my breath. That was the best one minute in that day, and in this year so far. I am not exaggerating. This is because he is my 11 years crush and I can see him dance while singing in front of my eyes, the nearest in my life. I am happy. After that they join in the main stage.
Black of Night was up next. I always love seeing these guys dance even though they are not that good but they try to be better. King of Otoko and Maemuki Scream they sang while walking to smaller stage.

My second favorite part for this concert (after steal your love) was band session. Amazing performance. They sang Tokyoholic. I heard it at the first day and love it. They really rock it. I will wait for it to come out this month. Next band song was Zou. Finally they sang it in band. After that tacchon spoke and thanked all of us for these 2 days and the last song was NOROSHI. They sang NOROSHI twice, but now in band. I sang along, enjoying every moment.
After that they say goodbye and go down stage.
Eighters made an eito call
They go up again from to main stage, using the parka. Ugh. I hope I have one too.

The encore songs was zukkoke otokomichi, Kyu Ju Show, and Musekinin Hero, they sang it while up in the balloon. They go down again and Subaru come by the road near my seat. I wave again with a big smile on my face, he saw me again and wave. Two times noticed by him omg. They sang omoidama at the end.
Maru gave a hug pose for the girls that using orange outfit, and they screamed. Maru always gave fan service. such as waving, smiling, the PAN thing, and respons to each uchiwa. That's way many people love him. As for Yasu's fans, they always screamed whatever Yasu did. Even though the screen only focus to Yasu that did nothing, they will screamed. Wow. Tacchon's fans, like me, always tried hard to get his attention. And I always fail. That's why I brought 2 uchiwas, tacchon and maru. At least Maru will pay more attention to the audience. I did get Maru's wave in the first day. Some people luckily got tacchon's feminine wave and his smile. Ryo's fans near me were calm. Hina's fans always shouting "Shingo" "Shin chan", but hina didn't respon to it. He just wave at people while walking. Yoko's fans were also calm. Maybe because Yoko rarely come to my seat side. Subaru was like what I mention before. I got 2 waves from him.

After holding hands hand shouting kanjani eight, the silver tape burst out from in front of me and blow up. There are so many of it. I jump and catch so many of it. I also pick the one on the floor, even ask for the staff to give me the one that outside of the fence. I got so many of it and gather all the seven color. Yesterday I didn't get any. Last year I only got 1 blue. this year I manage to gather so many and while arrange it, some girls asking if I can gave them the color they want. This happened until I got out the dome. Maybe because I hold it in my hand and people can saw it. I gave them the color they want but I want to keep each color 1 for myself, except for green I keep 2. A girl gave me Recital's tape as exchange. I ask for green and red. She is so nice even though I only gave her 1 tape. I spread my happiness with fellow eighter. I was really happy that day.
I hope I can see them again next time.
I hope there will be another recital this year so I can go after I finished my thesis.

I manage to record the the sound of the first day full, and second day start from acoustic session.
I repeat it and remember every moment from it.
I am a happy eighter.
This eighter must be back to real live and begin to do her research.
Wish me luck!


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